Wedding Information

Your Wedding day is special and that is how you should be treated. It's what you want that counts so you will get the photographs in the style that you want. I will visit your wedding venue before the day to plan the photography and understand where the best areas are for the photos.

You deserve a photographer who understands that you come first and it’s your opinion that matters. And of course you want a wedding photographer who you like and trust enough to photograph your friends and family.  I will confidently mingle and chat with all your friends and family whilst treating them with the utmost respect and courtesy that you would expect. I realise most people aren’t comfortable in front of a camera so I work carefully to make sure everyone in the photos feels good and has fun, It makes all the difference to the photos.

Everything about my service is built around keeping you happy, so you can get on with enjoying your wedding.

Your wedding day only lasts a few hours and in years to come you'll find it hard to remember much about it (trust me!). But, if you have beautiful photos that capture every scene and every emotion, then you will be able to look back on your wedding day for a lifetime. I'll capture the smiles, the tears, the worries and the fears and you'll get a storyboard of the whole sumptuous experience.

I'm always happy to accomodate and help in any way I can, so please contact me to discuss your requirements and arrange a free consultation.

I look forward to hearing from you!

"Wedding photography is all about capturing those special moments that will last a lifetime"